The safety and security of our website users is imperative to us. When you use our websites and applications, it is understood that you approve that we can use your personal information and data and accept the policies in the use of our site. In certain cases, your information is valuable to us so we may provide the service. If you do not accept this policy, then do not use our website.
The parties involved in this policy is https://miamigigolos.com, herein referred to as “Company” and You.
  • Know that companionshipads.com, miamigigolos.com, and hotgirlsmiami.com are collectively the owners of the Company First person pronouns (us, we, our, ours, etc.) is used for the operator of the sites whenever applicable.
  • You – means the one using the site, that is YOU or second persons pronouns (you, yours, etc.)
  • Possible Advertisers – when Possible Advertisers access the site with the intent of advertising, they are considered “– USERS”
  • Advertisers – when a Possible Advertiser agrees with Our Advertiser Agreement, an advertising account is set-up, and He is now an advertiser with us. The data given by the advertiser is governed by the Advertising Agreement which is entirely different from the Privacy Policy. Advertisers are not Users in this context
This Privacy Policy is for all Users of this site(s) and explains how the information you provide is used when you visit our site or use our online services. Regardless of when the information you have furnished is captured, you agree that we can use the information



We have the right to revise, amend or change this policy and other policies and agreements anytime as we see fit. We advise you to check this page frequently and note the “last updated” portion at the top after you click the “refresh” button on your browser. This medium will indicate if the policy has been changed recently from the last.



We collect necessary information like name, email, phone number, age, device ID, and IP address from Possible Advertisers and have the right to use information gathered during Your registration in order to assist a Possible Advertiser in becoming an Advertiser. We also have the right to use information voluntarily given from Users like comments/feedback following provisions of this Privacy Policy. Users are not expected to enter any active data collection page.



This is done using cookies, browser capabilities, web beacon, features and functionalities, tracking services, and other technology which can be collected when you use our websites, the purposes of which is to improve site navigation, maintain tracking of visitor preferences, provide internal and user web analytics reports, and most of all this can zero-in on possible fraudulent activities.



The first purpose of any information gathered is to give site services such as supplying you customized services, user support, and to ensure safety against illegal/fraudulent, harassment or spam activities. The information you provide helps us to geographically customize preferences for customer groups. This information may also be shared with third party groups for external or internal reporting metrics. This information given by Possible Advertisers may be used to fast track their registration, promotional activities, and for research and marketing. We can use voluntary data provided including but not limited to promotional purposes and more described below.



As part of our policy, we do not share information about Our Users especially if it is contrary to our policy. We also give Our Users the opportunity to object to such unrelated uses. Additionally, we may disclose information about Users or information about your use of the services or websites through our services as we deem fit, without notice that we believe it reasonable on the reasons but not limited to:
  • As demanded by any laws, like the Electronic Communications Privacy Act or governmental or legal requests.
  • To disclose the necessary identity to file legal action necessary against those who may be violating Our Terms and Conditions or other policies and procedures.
  • To ensure proper delivery of service to Users.
  • In order to protect Ourselves, Our Users, and the general public, we hold the right to disclose any and all information to law enforcement in case a crime, including but not limited to fraud-related offenses that are committed or if ordered to do so by authorities having the legal power to obtain such process.



The Company does not yet intend to send promotional communications to Users. However, we have the right to change this policy without notice. Those change of policy will be posted in the site’s Privacy Policy. Users are advised to check the site for changes. If you voluntarily provide us information about you, there is an established commercial relationship between you and the Company. This is not unlawful.



We are protecting the transmission of all User information, but there is no guarantee that our security will be safe from third-party hackers from obtaining this information illegally. With the technical ability of cyber criminals today, we cannot ensure that our security is hack-proof. Be assured that we do not give, sell or rent User information to third parties, entities like advertisers or companies offering similar services. The banner links from a third party for the advertisement may be on our site, but we encourage you to read their privacy policy as well if you can access their site.

For questions regarding the above policies, please get in touch with us.